How do you clean like a professional maid

How do you clean like a professional maid

How Do You Clean Like a Professional Maid?

There are a few simple steps that you can follow if you want to clean like a professional maid. For example, you should dust the walls and ceiling fans regularly, and also dust the floors and furniture. Wendy Silberstein, a professional organizer, recommends having a designated caddy for cleaning supplies. She also recommends creating a master cleaning schedule and sticking to it.

Dust ceiling fans should be cleaned regularly

One of the easiest ways to keep the ceiling fans in your house dust-free is to dust the blades regularly. To do so, you need to turn the ceiling fan off and take a step stool or ladder to reach the fan blades. Alternately, you can spray the blades using a mixture equal parts water and dish soap. Once the solution dries, you can wipe the blades off with a microfiber cloth. Repeat the process each week to keep fan blades clean.

If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning the fan blades yourself, you can use a pillowcase to wipe them down. To prevent dust accumulation on the blades, ensure you use a clean pillowcase. After wiping the blades clean, take the pillowcase out and wash it in warm water.

How do you clean like a professional maid
How do you clean like a professional maid

Dust your floors regularly

Dusting your floors is an important step in keeping your home clean. Dusting your floors prevents dust buildup and makes cleaning much easier. It should be done at least once per week. Dusting hard wood and tile floors should be done twice a week. Dusting also removes pet dander and other allergens. You can minimize the risk of allergies and asthma by keeping your floors dust-free.

Vacuuming can also be a great way to get rid dust. Vacuuming is easier than sweeping and gives the same result. You can also use a mop with detergent and water to remove stubborn stains. If you have stone or marble floors, be sure to apply a resin sealant to protect them. You can also use a proprietary stain remover to remove oil and grease from the stone. You should not use wax polish on your floors. It can cause slippage and damage to the floors.

Dust your walls often

Dusting your walls is a crucial part of maintaining clean and sanitary homes. They should be swept regularly to keep them clean and looking good. A microfiber cloth or dust mop is a great way to reach tight corners and difficult-to-reach places. If stubborn stains persist, you can try cleaning them with ammonia and warm water. However, make sure to use a spot test before using this solution.

If you live in a dusty or pollen-heavy area, it is recommended to dust your walls at least twice a year. The first cleaning should be done after the spring pollen season has ended. A second cleaning should take place six months later. In addition to regular cleaning, you should also vacuum the ceiling to remove any buildup of dust.

Dust your furniture often

Dusting your furniture regularly is an important step in maintaining the look and health of your home. It traps most of dust and helps disinfect your furniture. To remove dust from the air and prevent it from settling, use a moist microfiber cloth. You can also use a dry terry towel to remove excess moisture.

A light dusting routine should be completed at least twice a week. This should cover the most important areas, such as floors and surfaces, but also items that are not easily accessible. A heavy dusting should be done once every three months to dust more thoroughly. This will ensure that dust is removed from harder-to-reach places, such as the blades of ceiling fans. Also, be sure to dust the tops of your furniture and pillows.

Regularly dust your bathroom fixtures

It is vital to clean your bathroom regularly for safety and health. It also prevents dust buildup. If you leave bathroom fixtures uncleaned for an extended period, it can lead to lingering smells. Dusting bathroom fixtures frequently can make cleaning easier. You can even use a duster to dust light fixtures, bathroom counters, and even outside of the toilet. You can also vacuum the floors to remove excess dust and grime.

Dust the light fixtures by wiping away any dust that has collected around the bulbs. To dust the bathroom surfaces, you can use a microfiber cloth (or microfiber mop) to clean them. Similarly, vacuuming can remove dust buildup around window tracks and cover.

Dust your kitchen surfaces regularly

Your appliances will perform better if your kitchen surfaces are clean. Dirty appliances can make them work harder, heat up faster, and even have a shorter useful life. Dirty surfaces can also make your kitchen look cluttered and unattractive. You can keep your kitchen looking great by regularly dusting the surfaces.

You can dust your kitchen surfaces by wiping down countertops and dusting the tops. You can also use a microfiber cloth if you don’t have a vacuum. To dust oily or waxy surfaces, you can also use Windex and a rag that has been dipped in Windex. You should also dust the refrigerator’s top and clean underneath.